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Consultation Service

Consultation services utilizing the unique TINO methodology to foster innovative thinking and leverage hidden human insights for solving complex business challenges. This service encourages businesses to harness unconventional perspectives and improve decision-making processes

Hands-On Training

Hands-on training, building internal teams within companies, training them to apply the TINO methodology for continuous innovation and adaptability. This approach transforms organizational problem-solving by developing a sustainable approach for utilizing unrecognized knowledge in the organization

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About HUMINT Solutions

20 years of solutions

HUMINT Solutions was founded in 2004 by Haim Dror, an Israeli colonel. After graduating as an economist and working in that field, he joined the intelligence service. Here, he specialized in counterintelligence and also took on the roles of HR and IT manager. Haim earned his master's degree at Harvard, focused on negotiations and game theory. Haim based the TINO method on the notable difference he observed in the handling of information between the intelligence service and the business world. While ideological motives in the intelligence service complicate access to information, he noticed that people in the business sector are eager to share their perspectives and view it as a valuable contribution. However, those with fewer conflicting interests are often overlooked. Haim developed the TINO method precisely to recognize such individuals and harness their knowledge.

Fast forward, HUMINT Solutions now features an international team of certified TINOs, with a diverse clientele in both the business domain and the public sector. Our services cater to participants ranging from 7 to 97 years old!

Our unique TINO methodology

Finding unrecognized knowledge

The TINO Methodology can be summarized as a non-technological innovation approach designed to identify and collect human-based knowledge for addressing business challenges. It focuses on extracting valuable insights from individuals within the company's ecosystem, emphasizing those whose knowledge about the challenge hasn't been recognized. The methodology involves the systematic identification and collection of relevant but unrecognized knowledge, with the lowest level of conflicts of interest. 

Decision-makers, individuals, and organizations can utilize TINO to 1) add a second opinion, 2) to identify knowledge owners who were not previously recognized as relevant (not even by themselves) and who are willing to share this knowledge in exchange for recognition and appreciation and 3) to reduce the costs of knowledge acquisition by adding 'knowledge providers' as a supplement to the already recognized (more costly) experts.

How TINO complements AI

We start where AI ends

AI changes the knowledge landscape, but lacks important data in the edges. TINO fills this gap. AI, with its access to vast amounts of validated information, will outpace traditional research methods and companies, offering an unparalleled alternative. This is achieved through its capability to process an infinite amount of data at a pace that is faster, more cost-effective, and superior to what any human could keep up with.

However, AI's limitations emerge when dealing with challenges at the fringes of the normal distribution due to data constraints. In such cases, AI lacks the necessary information, presenting the risk of incomplete or potentially misleading responses.

Adequate data does exist at the edges; but individuals possessing this information often refrain from sharing it due to a lack of awareness regarding its relevance to others. As long as this information remains undisclosed, AI cannot process it. To address this gap, with TINO we adopt a unique approach grounded in HUMINT — actively engaging with people, collecting, and integrating their information. 



“The TINO workshop for Individuals was an amazing experience! The TINO Sala workshop (part of the ‘Optimize Decision-Making Program) I had was particularly significant for me. I realized the importance of knowing myself better, understanding my limitations and my anxieties, to better understand the needs of my client in order to offer a better quality of work and improve the relationship. It was important to understand the influence we have on the environment and on people around us, and how we can direct the outcome of a negotiation.”

Claudia Carvalho

Project Manager Knowledge Management

Capgemini Brazil



For this major infrastructure company, we facilitated the formation of an internal TINO team comprising CCR employees, focused on refining internal processes and reinforcing compliance measures. Our engagement included strategically selecting proficient team members and delivering comprehensive training experiences (online and offline). Additionally, we played a key role in enhancing the internal communication strategy, ensuring a seamless dissemination of the nuanced aspects associated with the implemented processes across the organization.


In collaboration with this prominent Brazilian bank, we implemented TINO to enhance their security. We identified and engaged with key knowledge owners whose insights were previously overlooked. Our approach involved the systematic collection, validation, and integration of pertinent information, culminating in the presentation of innovative solutions tailored to fortify the bank's security infrastructure.


For this global leader in prepaid corporate services, we conducted TINO research to identify business opportunities. Additionally, we delivered a comprehensive training program to empower the company's workforce with the application of key TINO methodology elements for loss prevention. This training, comprising in-house sessions and on-the-job modules, equipped employees with practical insights.





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