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The TINO Methodology

Learn from people you didn't think you could learn from

TINO, which stands for "Think Intelligence Network Owner", is our core methodology and is behind everything we do. It has already been successfully implemented in Brazil, many European countries, and Israel.

TINO is a non technological innovation methodology. It helps you to find the missing perspectives. Not by asking people to think outside the box, but by finding people who are already outside the box. In order to explain where we can find these ‘already outside the box people’, we need to have a look at knowledge in general.

While people are aware of their recognized knowledge (such as their work expertise), they are not aware of the unrecognized knowledge they have. As a result this knowledge will not be shared and remains unused. In order to identify and collect unrecognized knowledge, and integrate these valuable perspectives into innovative solutions, we use TINO. Scroll down to read more about the method and some real-life examples. 

How we use TINO

The three key features of our method


Identify and collect unrecognized knowledge 

TIKOs, or Think Intelligence Knowledge Owners, represent individuals with valuable perspectives and the lowest level of conflict of interest. Due to a lack of awareness regarding the significance of their information to others, they do not naturally come forward. With TINO, we adeptly identify these individuals, approach them ethically, and collect their valuable knowledge through one-to-one interviews.


Build TIKO networks

Deriving benefits from TIKOs can be both ad hoc and ongoing. Efficiently managing contacts with identified TIKOs enables you to save time for future needs. Think of it as building a human-based Google, tapping into individuals relevant to each new challenge. Effective networking skills, an integral part of the TINO method, play a crucial role in achieving this.


Build local communities of TIKOs

Once a network of TIKOs is activated, it opens the possibility to cultivate local communities where TIKOs are not only respond when approached with a question but also proactively offer bottom-up information. In this way, they can alert you to new challenges and opportunities. This represents the most efficient utilization of the existing human-based knowledge provided by the TIKO profiles, inherently characterized by the lowest level of conflict of interest. 

Real world examples of TINO

Watch this live presentation of the TINO method including real world examples of unrecognized knowledge

A clothing store owner seeks a new collection, consulting a fashion designer for the latest trends, who suggests linen as the upcoming trend. However, the designer's own line of linen clothing suggests a possible bias in his advice.

Imagine leveraging insights from unrecognized sources like bus drivers, who observe daily fashion choices of passengers, don't have a conflict of interest yet are often overlooked for their potential insights. This scenario highlights the untapped knowledge existing outside traditional expertise circles.

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