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When Tino arrives at his new school, he immediately stands out because he cannot walk properly on his left leg and therefore uses a crutch. Tino would like to become friends with a tough group of boys. But to do that he first has to win something in sports and he will never succeed, or will he?

With the Gang of Super-Anders you discover together with Tino that you may have a superpower due to a disability or problem! Is that hard to believe? Tino doesn't believe it at first either, but together with his Gang of Super-Others he collects the evidence. Can he convince the school principal before the Gang of Super-Others is banned?


The Gang of Super-Anders is a playful way to make young people and their parents, but also teachers, care providers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and administrators, aware of the skills and knowledge that people have, not despite but precisely because of their disability or disadvantage. The underlying TINO method is already used in education, the healthcare sector and business.

The Gang of Extra-Able (English)

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