Challenge yourself on the wall and improve your personal and organizational planning with TINO Climbing

With TINO Climbing we use the climbing wall as a symbol for life. It offers a great playground to introduce you to TINO skills that help you to make better decisions, network more effectively and plan your personal or organizational route. Each training is a combination or real climbing or bouldering and TINO theory & exercises, provided by our certified TINO Trainers.

“It was interesting to analyze our team-journey in this way. And it was fun to climb together!"

Hello there!

"My name is Florien Sjoerdsma and I'm the program leader of TINO Climbing. I used to climb at a high level (multiple 8a’s) and became third in the Dutch championships. But I felt there's much more to climbing than trying to reach (difficult) tops. That's what we do with TINO Climbing! We combine the TINO methodology for teams and individuals with the climbing wall. This way you practice TINO in a sportive, playful and challenging way and improve some essential life skills such as decision making, planning and collaboration."

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Why & for Whom?

Perhaps you've never climbed before, or you hang on the wall each week? In TINO Climbing this doesn't matter because the exercises are an instrument to teach you TINO Skills. You're climbing level doesn't matter. By working 'on the wall', the TINO elements become visual and easier to internalize. And it's great fun! We offer TINO Climbing activities & programs to adults and youngsters, to individuals, teams and (big) groups. Choose your profile in the header menu and see how we can add TINO Climbing as a building block to achieve your goals!

Why TINO Climbing?

  • To make more conscious decisions
  • To improve your planning skills
  • To become better at collaboration
  • To combine learning with doing & fun

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