Start benefitting from the domain of unrecognized knowledge with your team!

Understand your journey and challenge yourself physically and mentally to reach your goals faster.

Do you want to benefit from the unrecognized knowledge within your team? Or do you want your team to be able to identify unrecognized knowledge others have? With TINO for teams we offer both directions. From standalone workshops to one-year trainings: we know how to unlock this domain for your workers. We can focus on a specific TINO element or provide a mix, depending on your challenge. Fun fact: TINO trainings provide great teambuilding because workers experience how they have more knowledge and can learn more from others than they expected.

“I really recommend the teambuilding to other teams. It was fun and i got to know my colleagues better!"

Why TINO for your team?

  • To introduce them to TINO
  • To let them get know each other better
  • To strenghten the team
  • To help them make better decisions

Get started!

Up for a challenging teambuilding? Than a TINO Sport teambuilding is the way to go! No matter the physique of your team, we find an inspiring and fun variety of excercices and games. We can focus on one TINO element or create a mix of elements. From a one-time event to a series of sessions: (almost) everything is possible. On the picture you see a team of ROC Nijmegen, a school organization from the Netherlands. Their workers climbed, bouldered, identified personal milestones and played collaboration games. All in one day!

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Workshops are a great way to make your team familiar with the potential of unrecognized knowledge and since the start of our company, we are asked to give offline masterclasses, workshops or series of trainings to teams. From sessions with a small group CEOs, to presentations to hundreds of workers: we love to share the potential of unrecognized knowledge with you! It's easy for us to customize our offering to your needs. We can integrate TINO in a bigger corporate event about innovation or plan a series of trainings for a specific team. It's all possible.

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Who will train your team?

All our workshops are supervised by professional TINO trainers and (if we include sport elements) sport-instructors. We have partnerships with sport facilities, such as climbing and boulder gyms. Depending on the content of the workshop one of our TINO partners is in the lead. This can be Haim Dror (our CEO), Maya Lievegoed (head in the Netherlands) or Florien Sjoerdsma who leads all our TINO Sport activities. Check the video to get to know her.

Who will train you?

Our sport activities are supervised by professional sport-instructors and we have partnerships with sport facilities, such as climbing gyms. Florien Sjoerdsma leads all our TINO Sport activities. Florien played football in the Dutch Youth-selection and became 3rd in the Dutch championships climbing for women. Florien works with the TINO methodology since 2017 and started offering TINO Sport activities together with us in 2021.
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