No matter if you have personal questions or professional challenges, an effective network is your key to valuable knowledge. But networking is more than having the right pitch and social skills. It's about understanding how networks are organized and how we can build them strategically.  With our step-by-step modules we share unique TINO insights about what works and what doesn't when it comes to networking and provide you with valuable exercises to improve your strategic networking skills.
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It starts with ‘why’?

Everybody's talking about networks. But why are they so important and what should we pay attention to when building them?
Gain: Discover what uniqueness you can offer to others

Network pyramid

How are networks organized? And how can we structure them? Get familiair with the network pyramid and its potential for better networking.
Gain: A structured network, ready for the next level

3 types of knowledge

Now you have the basics of networks, let's have a look at who should be in it for you. And it might suprise you who can help you most.
Gain: Learn from people you didn't think you could learn from

Let’s dig a little deeper

Social media & networking

Social media offers a great opportunity for networking. So our program wouldn't be complete without a module on it. But the opportunity might be a different one than you expect.
Gain: Extract the most from your social media platforms

The quality of information

We can be great in socializing and go along with many, but that doesn't mean we have access to the right ones. Strategic networking is all about finding the information we need so study how to search better.
Gain: The four 'simple' elements that ensure you quality information

The problem with experts

When it comes to networking we often search high profile people. Those with experience, authority and valuable networks. But what if often they are not the main ones we should focus on?
Gain: Discover where to find 'the gold' and how in fact you have some as well

Network management

Building a network is only half the challenge. Because how do you manage all your contacts in effective and efficient ways once they are part of your network?
Gain: Study how being effective and social go together.

Optimizing your contacts

Think it's great if you know everyone at a party? Think twice. There are only a limited amount of seats in your network so lets use them as effective as possible.
Gain: Assess the strength of your network and get more out of (managing) less contacts.