Find new perspectives and give recognition to unrecognized people, stories and knowledge.

The way we learn from others is directly linked to if and how we see their expertise. But as a result we often end up with the 'usual suspects' and start to see marginalized profiles that don't seem to fit in. What if we can find more knowledge and by doing so, improve citizen participation, empower the marginalized, create new solutions and improve (public) processes? 

"The TINO research provided us with surprising and actionable results. And citizens enjoyed being involved in this way."

For whom?

With our TINO activities and programs for governments and public organizations including libraries, funds and healthcare organizations, we make the domain of unrecognized knowledge accessible. We help them translate the findings to concrete solutions, action points or guidelines. Below you find some examples of such projects and clients.
We also often combine tapping this domain with visualizing our findings in visual or artistic ways. Turning unrecognized knowledge knowledge into public expositions is something we love to do with our TINO Label. You can find more information about these activities at our TINO Label page.

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Some of our societal projects

For the Dutch tax authority (Belastingdienst) we organized a series of TINO workshops for their innovation (trends) team. We introduced them to the domain of unrecognized knowledge, its differences compared to recognized knowledge and its potential and importance for identifying trends. The workshops were all provided online (thus corona-proof) and full of practical examples and interactive exercises. In between the sessions, the team members worked on assignments and they received individual feedback.

I would like to know more

For the Dutch province of Overijssel we carried out a TINO research to analyze what should be the future focus points of their cultural policy. We identified relevant people with unrecognized knowledge, did one-to-one interviews and integrated the findings. The results were presented in a visual report, presentations and webinars. Stakeholder-meetings were organized to familiarize the network with the findings. We did similar projects for other municipalities and funds in the Netherlands.

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