Our school projects are unique but share one goal: use unrecognized knowledge for the schools and for the individuals. Below you can see some examples.

We often organize TINO Climbing sessions for students. In these dynamic workshops they discover the similarities between the climbing wall and real life. We introduce them to themes like milestones, decision making and collaborations. It's a great way to activate the youngsters in a fun way but also teach them some practical (TINO) skills for their daily lives. climbing experience is not needed and we customize the content to the age group, educational level and available time-frame.

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Since 2017 we organize TINO programs in which students interview elderly as 'knowledge detectives'. The youngsters practice to learn from people you didn't expect to learn from and the elderly get recognition for their stories and knowledge. Our clients for such programs are nursing homes, municipalities, a national government and funds. These programs can take place corona-proof using videocalls. Click on the button below to see one or our aftermovies.

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For the Dutch NGO 'Stichting Leergeld' we organized left leg-right leg workshops for hundreds of children and youngsters. With these activities Stichting Leergeld celebrated her 21-year anniversary and embraced our message of not only helping vulnerable people (in their case minors), but to also see their extra-abilities. Like us, they believe this helps them see their own capacities more fully. Click the button below to see an interview about our collaboration.

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We carried out multiple TINO researches for school boards and school associations, in order to analyze how to improve their strategy. We identified relevant people with unrecognized knowledge, did one-to-one interviews and integrated the findings. The results were presented in visual reports, short animations and through presentations and webinars. Stakeholder-meetings for the managers and teachers were organized to familiarize them with the findings.

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We organized thematic Knowledge Detecting projects for schools, for example about the Second World War or local history. The participants (children, youngsters or students) get an introduction workshop, (based on step-by-step) assignments and are paired with local elderly whom they interview about their stories. We support the elderly and offer personal feedback to the youngsters who work towards a final presentation. These programs can be organized corona-proof.

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