No matter if you have personal questions or professional challenges, an effective network is your key to valuable knowledge. In our fully online Network King program we share unique TINO insights about what works and what doesn't when it comes to networking. We provide you with valuable exercises to improve your strategic networking skills while you widen your network.

Unique TINO training

Discover unique TINO elements about networking in our webinars.

Valuable contacts

Practice your skills in the conversations with people in our network.

Personal guidance

During your participation you have direct contact with our team.

Program structure

TINO webinars

In group based TINO webinars you get introduced to unique TINO elements related to networking. Discover how networks are structured and what you should focus on for effective networking.
Gain: Network knowledge & strategy


After each TINO webinar we connect you to people from our network. Based on TINO exercises you will meet them in a videocall. It's a win-win: you practice your networking skills and widen your network at the same time.
Gain: Networking skills & new contacts

Climbing session

After finishing your participation we reward you with a group-based TINO climbing session by Florien Sjoerdsma (3rd Dutch championships). Challenge yourself mentally together with other participants of the program.
Gain: Fun and physical finale

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