We need knowledge. Ask the experts and get the obvious information. Practice knowledge detecting and be rewarded with unrecognized knowledge.

In a time where we are overloaded with information, we need to practice finding what we really need. With our Knowledge Detecting programs and workshops, we introduce you to the unrecognized knowledge domain. Using it directly contributes to your innovation power and decision-making processes. It also gives more recognition to your workers and network.

“Knowledge detecting is interesting for anyone anywhere! Businesses, startups, youngsters..."

Learning from people

Learning from people effectively is a skill anyone can develop. But before you dive into someone else's knowledge, you should be aware of factors that can affect the information. Such as relation; how is the person related to you? What are his or her interests? And how do you know that the information is actually relevant? 
With this TINO building block we dive into the world of recognized, semi-recognized and mainly unrecognized knowledge and show you that there is so much more knowledge to benefit from. If we know how to detect it!

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Why & for Whom?

Knowledge Detecting is relevant for teams (in business and the public domain), schools, governments but also individuals who want to improve their decision-making skills. We offer programs where we detect the knowledge you need for your business challenge, but also offer masterclasses and workshops for you to practice knowledge detecting yourself. Curious to see what that looks like in practice? Choose one of the profiles in the menu and have a look at the example projects.

Why TINO Knowledge Detecting?

  • To understand the different types of human based knowledge
  • To identify the unusual suspects
  • To find more relevant knowledge
  • To get a valuable 2nd opinion
  • To give fuller recognition to your team members/students

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