Great to see your interest in checking out our job opportunities! Our team is made up of dedicated freelancers who enjoy working on a variety of projects in different teams. We take the time to match profiles to each project's unique needs. Feel free to explore the profiles to see if this dynamic work environment resonates with your skills and interests!

Bring your own passion!

Did you know that we actively collaborate with a diverse range of individuals, including climbers, writers, photographers, and designers? Our enthusiasm lies in working with people who contribute their unique passion and expertise to our projects. Many of them conduct workshops for participants in our programs, fostering an enriching learning environment. Take Florien, for example; she not only appears in our video but has also initiated her own TINO project. In her case, Florien founded TINO Sport, leveraging sports to acquaint participants with key elements of our methodology. Discover what inspired her by watching the video!

Grow with TINO!

You might be unfamiliar with TINO, or perhaps you've already discussed it with one of our team members. Either way, the methodology may still be uncharted territory for you. No need to worry—this was the case for all of us at some point! The beauty of TINO lies in the fact that you can familiarize yourself with it through hands-on experience with us. It's like learning to drive; hands-on experience is more effective than just talking about it. If you're eager and curious, you can contribute to our team. We'll start you off with tasks aligned with your skills, and gradually, you'll become familiar with TINO concepts, like being 'extra-able' (see the video). Your enthusiasm matters more than prior knowledge or work experience!

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