Give recognition to the past

Our TINO Heritage programs & products aim to give recognition to the past by bringing personal (local) narratives back to life. Together with the program participants, such as youngsters and students we identify forgotten stories and interview the ones who can tell them.

Make history accessible

After collecting the stories we present the results in fun and accessible ways, including games, recipe books, (online) tours and expositions. We enjoy finding smart and sustainable ways with as much as possible existing resources.

Educate the young

We offer effective ways to introduce younger generations to old wisdom. By involving them in the discovery process, letting them interact with elderly and be part in the presenting phase, the participants are not just spectators but become active recreators.


Some of our Heritage programs & products

Our Heritage programs & products are customized to the objectives and resources of the client(s), which can be for example a municipality, healthcare organization(s) and school(s). Together with them we define program-factors including the theme, target groups and the length of the program. We then activate the team of 'collectors' who start to search the stories, interview people and build the (online) presentation/final product with us.  We have already organized all kinds of heritage projects and products together with hundreds of youngsters, students, retirees and elderly. Examples of our Heritage programs and products are the Old-School Recipes, the Old-School Expositions and the TINO Tours. Our programs can take place offline and online (corona-proof). Below you can find several videos and images about some of these programs.

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Recipes Book




Het programma heeft Vreedenhoff als vaste locatie. Daar krijg je de uitleg en interview je de ouderen, daarnaast ga je ook de stad in om informatie te verzamelen.

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