Never to young to learn (elements of) TINO!

Never to young to learn (elements of) TINO!

Perhaps not surprisingly, children and youngsters get (pieces of TINO) easily! If you learn about unrecognized knowledge at a young age, it's much easier to integrate it in your way of thinking and doing. We see it gives children more confidence and practical tools when searching realiable information in their human network. The only challenge we have is to provide it to them in attractive and accesable 'bits'. That's why we combine TINO with sports and stories such as about 'The Gang of Extra-Able'.

“Their book about Extra-Able should be available in every school. And it's not only valuable for kids, but for adults too!"

Why for children & youngsters?

  • To make them more confident
  • To show them why they need each other
  • To help them make better decisions

Get started!

With our book 'The gang of Extra-Able' (in Dutch 'De bende van Super-Anders) we introduce children to the phenomena of unrecognized skills and knowledge. With our workshops we dive deeper into the world of unrecognized knowledge and show how all types of disabilities, disadvantages and challenges have a silver lining. This approach offers a great way to tackle bullying, increase the children's self-esteem and activate them as inspiration to others.

Read our publication (in Dutch)

Since 2018 we organize the TINO MDT program in which youngsters practice TINO elements and practice learning from people they didn't expect to learn from. TINO MDT is part of the 'Maatschappelijke Diensttijd', a national program to stimulate youngsters to gain new skills, meet people outside their bubble and to contribute to society. Already hundreds of youngsters and elderly participated to this program. Click on the button to go to our TINO MDT website.

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