Discover how any type of disability (physical, social or economic) gives you extra-abilities. Knowing your compensation skills completes your CV!

With this TINO building block we demonstrate how anything ‘below the average’ leads to something 'above the average'. Just like having a weak left leg, will make you have to strengthen your right leg more. This is true for individuals, but also for teams and even organizations as a whole. Our book, left leg - right leg workshops and presentations are a playful way to make youngsters and their parents, but also teachers, social workers, policymakers and CEO's more aware of the skills and knowledge people have, not regardless but as a result of their disability.

"It gives a completely different perspective on things that society normally sees as negative. They are more than that. They hold a hidden potential!"

In order to explain the process, we developed a metaphor which we describe in the book 'The Gang of Extra-Abled'.  Together with the Tino character, you discover how your disability (physical, mental or economic) actually gives you an 'extra-ability'. You might not believe it at first, just like Tino didn't, but with his Gang of Extra-Able he collects proof. Will he manage to convince the headmaster of his school before their Gang is forbidden? We are currently working on the English version of the book.
Whether it’s for effective empowerment, better inclusion or improving your organizational operation power, knowing your capacities more fully always helps! And the great thing about unrecognized knowledge: it already exists. So, people become a sustainable resource for knowledge and innovation.

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Why & for Whom?

Our Left leg - Right leg program is relevant to anyone and any organization that is interested in identifying the full capacity of individuals and teams. Not regardless but because of their disabilities or other challenges they face(d). Left leg / right leg is not a substitute to health care of social work, but it does contribute to a healthier balance because of its focus on what the person has to offer, rather than what the person (or team) needs to 'fix'. Left leg - Right leg is also relevant to companies and their teams.

Why Left leg - Right leg?

  • To understand how disabilities create opportunities
  • To know your own / someone else's capacities better
  • To add nuance to the framing of 'less'
  • To see new opportunities within the same situation

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