Benefit from unrecognized knowledge for your business challenge and worker engagement.

The way we learn from others is directly related to if and how we see their expertise. But as a result, we often end up with the 'usual suspects' and struggle to think outside the box. With TINO, we help you find perspectives that are outside your frame of reference. We do this by identifying people with relevant unrecognized knowledge.

"It's a kind of blue ocean and extremely useful, for internal processes but also in order to understand the market better."

Since 2003

The first domain we started to apply TINO to (back in 2003) was the business sector. Ever since, we worked for countless companies in different countries. It always starts with a challenge which we translate into the needed unrecognized knowledge. Challenges can be strategical but also tactical, and we have many varied clients, including banks, retailers and real estate companies. Their interest in TINO is mainly based on the high reliability of the solutions, insights and strategies we find. Do you want to see if TINO can help you with your challenge? Contact us we'll be happy to brainstorm.

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Why & for Whom?

If you're looking for ways to find outside the box perspectives, reach the unusual suspects or make better use of the full knowledge reservoir of your workers, TINO can help you out. In contrast to traditional consultancies we don't bring our own expertise. We know how to find the needed, unrecognized knowledge. It's also possible to select TINO elements together and introduce these to your teams in masterclasses, interactive workshops and team building sessions in the climbing hall.

Why TINO for businesses?

  • To find innovative solutions
  • To increase worker engagement
  • To understand your clients' needs better
  • To build stronger teams

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