With our 3 building blocks we build TINO activities and programs that fit your needs.

Because every challenge is different, we created different building blocks that focus on different elements of TINO. This way, we can customize every activity or program to your specific needs. We developed these building blocks based on years of experience in teaching TINO to people with different profiles, from CEOs to children and from individuals to large groups.
Are you looking for a sportive training? Have a look at TINO Climbing (we promise you don't need any experience for that!). Are you looking for unrecognized knowledge? Then Knowledge Detecting will be an interesting place to start. And do you want to be surprised? Then make sure to check what 'left leg - right leg' is all about. Do you have questions after reading about the blocks? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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"I don't know any other method like TINO and their building blocks make it practical and fun to learn."

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